Jeffery Tucker


Senior Product Manager

Aha! April 2021 — Present

Managed launch and continued enhancement of the new Aha! Develop product — an agile project management tool focused on developer happiness.

  • Worked with design, engineering, marketing, and support to deliver over 50 go-to-markets since launch in August 2021
  • Hosted hundreds of customer calls to learn about and support customers — product demos, support, procurement, user feedback, and discovery
  • Personally guided the first 10+ customers through signup, evaluation, and purchase
  • Maintained 3-6mo product roadmap aligning to larger company vision
  • Evaluated usage data of newly-delivered features to understand adoption and to guide follow-up iteration
  • Developed Aha! Develop extensions to explore new product ideas

Product Manager

Cypress Jan 2020 — March 2021

Managed the revenue-generating SaaS service that enhanced the capabilities of the Cypress test automation tool.

  • Oversaw the launch of significant new features that allowed us to increase YOY revenue by 126% in 2020.
  • Increased NPS score of paid customers to 72 by releasing highly-demanded features while fixing common pain points.
  • Continued to mature our Agile development processes, leading to a nearly 100% increase in development velocity compared to previous year.
  • Drove alignment around meeting objectives by identifying and tracking success metrics for new product initiatives.
  • Maintained intense customer focus by listening to users daily, either via conducting interviews, reviewing support tickets, or analyzing usage data.
  • Collaborated with Product Marketing & Success teams to shape messaging of feature launches to maximize impact.

Lead Product Designer

Cypress Oct 2018 — Jan 2020

Early-stage hire responsible for wearing many hats. Designed both product features and the processes needed to iteratively deliver those features.

  • Designed and developed both UX improvements and revenue-driving features.
  • Introduced product management software to turn user insights, stakeholder needs, and prioritization information into an easy-to-read roadmap.
  • Helped grow Dashboard team from one to five engineers. Managed Dashboard engineers while continuing to bring on engineering leadership. Focused on servant leadership model to help team feel empowered and successful.
  • Implemented Agile development processes for the Dashboard team: daily standup, estimation, retrospectives.

Older experience

User Experience Architect

Cybraics Feb 2016 — Oct 2018

Created and executed a user-centered vision for Cybraics nLighten UI, an investigative tool for cybersecurity analysts powered by ML/AI.

  • Worked closely with VP of Product to identify target market and shape product to meet their needs.
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative user research to discover pain points and validate ideas: user interviews, journey mapping, RITE testing, online surveys, and user analytics.
  • Built cross-functional design and development team focused on rapid iteration.
  • Collaborated with various business units to ensure designs met all needs and ensure buy-in to UCD processes.
  • Performed all UI design and development work for the first 12 months of Cybraics' product development.
  • Produced artifacts to communicate design details to development: JIRA tickets, Balsamiq wireframes, Sketch renders, and JavaScript interactive prototypes.
  • Created an in-house product design language by blending concepts from best-in-class design languages with realities of day-to-day product needs.

User Experience Architect

Ultimate Software June 2015 — Feb 2016

Provided guidance to development leadership on UI and UX matters.

  • Served as liason between User Experience team and Engineering teams to promote cohesive development process.
  • Advocated and won support for consolidating all UI development onto single UI framework to further usage of style guide and component library.

Technical User Experience Designer

Ultimate Software Feb 2014 — June 2015

Served as technical expert for a team of designers and researchers building a suite of HR software.

  • Rapidly built and revised UI prototypes to support user testing conducted by Usability Engineers.
  • Advised User Experience Designers on technical concerns of their designs to ensure easy-to-implement UIs.
  • Constructed style guide and component library to speed product implementation and encourage UI consistency across product lines.

Senior Software Engineer

Damballa Oct 2010 — Feb 2014

Worked as part of UI development team for an enterprise cybersecurity product.

  • Interfaced with product management to lead design process for new features and product updates.
  • Designed and implemented a sophisticated infographic-style reporting and dashboard system for customer appliance.
  • Designed and built first generation of an appliance diagnostics interface, allowing drill-down into large datasets within the browser.
  • Prototyped greenfield UI for new product line.

Software Engineer

Consumer Source, a subsidiary of Primedia Feb 2010 — Oct 2010

Worked in Agile team of Ruby developers maintaining several high-traffic real estate websites.

  • Employed many Agile tools, including pair programming, continuous integration and TDD.
  • Used git and GitHub for both project workflow and release management.
  • Proactively refactored existing codebases for increased readability and maintainability.
  • Implemented some of earliest uses of Redis in company.

Senior Analyst

Global Concepts, a subsidiary of McKinsey & Co. July 2007 — Jan 2010

Served as sole application developer for office of business consultants. Controlled entire development process from collecting requirements to post-deploy maintenance.

  • Developed Ruby on Rails application to license and deliver proprietary knowledge to clients.
  • Optimized report generation for benchmarking study with Visual Basic. Reduced average completion time from 2+ days of full interaction to 1 hour of automated calculation.
  • Created complex data validation system with custom JSON-to-query parser.
  • Migrated several important datasets from Access and Excel files into SQL Server.


Highly-technical product manager with a passion for bringing engineering, design, and marketing together to solve real user problems.


Primary Skills

  • Clear communication
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Data analysis & ML (SQL, Python)
  • UI prototyping (Figma, JavaScript)
  • Product discovery
  • Qualitative user research


B.S., Physics & Mathematics
Berry College

Graduated cum laude with a Bachelors of Science in Physics & Mathematics.


Available upon request.