Jeff Tucker


I'm a highly-technical product manager with 15+ years of experience across software development, UI/UX design, and product management.

Aha! Develop

An agile project management tool focused on developer happiness

Product management


I joined Aha! about 6 months before the launch of Aha! Develop. I was brought in specifically because of my ability to work with a developer audience — it gave me the experience and authority to have conversations with our customers to understand their needs and wants.

Some highlights from my time in this role include:

  • Worked with design, engineering, marketing, and support teams to deliver over 50 go-to-markets since launch in August 2021
  • Hosted hundreds of customer calls to learn about and support customers — product demos, support, procurement, user feedback, and discovery
  • Personally guided the first 10+ customers through signup, evaluation, and purchase via an early access program I managed


My team delivered 40 go-to-markets in the 12 months after launching Aha! Develop — nearly one per week. You can find a few examples below. All content authored by the Aha! product marketing team.

Data analysis

Quantitative data is an important part of understanding customers — it provides a rich source of questions to explore in customer conversations. I helped mature the use of quantitative analysis for the entire product management team at Aha!, introducing concepts like feature-level retention, activation metrics, and machine-learning-powered trial analysis.


Aha! Develop provided a unique feature for developers: it allowed users to author JavaScript-based extensions to modify the UI and workflow. I authored several for customers and internal use.